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Peace Pedalers started in 2002 with two full-time riders, Jamie Bianchini and Garryck Hampton, who began riding their own tandem-single mountain bikes called "Tangles" on an around the world adventure. They each rode in the front seats and picked up hundreds of "guest riders" from dozens of countries who rode on the back seats from a few minutes to a few weeks. It was an epic adventure indeed. In September 2003 Garryck suffered a major injury after a nasty mountain bike crash in Malaysia. He retired early from Peace Pedaling and now works full time with the Department of Homeland Security for the US Government.

Jamie carried on solo after Garryck's crash and from 2003-2010 slowly inched his way around the world. He finished the expedition in November 2010 with his partner Cristina and son Luca. They are currently residing in Santa Cruz, California.

While in Africa Jamie was inspired to begin filming the expedition professionally for a TV series he envisioned to share the adventures with the world. He amassed over 1,000 hours of content and is currently in the process of producing various offerings, starting with the first series Peace Pedalers: Africa.


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