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Stage 1: Asia and Oceania

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Country Overview Journal Entry

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Around the World in 80 Photos. This album is dedicated to Carlos in San Jose, Costa Rica :)
USA Our test tour from San Francisco to Los Angeles was cut short, but we sure had a blast. Check out the photos of country #1
Japan Our first of a planned 76 countries was truly a magical experience! Japan rocks! Go there by bike and you'll see!
S. Korea Korea was a relaxing time for us loaded with 1,000's of feet of crazy mountain biking, time with new and old friends, and World Cup celebrations.
China China 1: Beijing to Hanzhong. This includes our adventures in Beijing and Xian, as well as our ride with our first international passenger from Belgium
China China 2: Entering Tibetian Prefecture. This was an unreal adventure with our two guest riders from Slovenia. An epic journey!
China China 3: High Plateau Backroads. 400KM of dirt roads over many passes over 5,000M with our guest rider Jane & fellow Aussie riders Jo & Dennis plus our adventures to Ligiang, Dali & Kunming. no journal
Lhasa, Tibet to Katmandu, Nepal. Our 1000 km adventure through some of the most beautiful & volatile sections of Asia.
Nepal. Our gratitude levels are high as we reflect back on the magic of Nepal and the wonderful memories that will forever be in our hearts and souls.

India The trip from India to Thailand was different from the traveling we've done so far. As in the rest of life, some things were good, some bad, but all an adventure.
Thailand Thailand offered it all! From a 24 hour mountain bike race, to scuba diving, to countryside touring in the north!
Cambodia Cambodia is an adventure travelers dream and it's especially good on two wheels! A must see and must visit!
Laos Last of the Asia journals! More miles of smiles to pick up again in October 2003!
Our First Year Summary Album How to take 13 months on the road and compress it into 60 photos? We did it. Check em out!  
Brunei Garryck's short 12 200+ KM burst through Brunei is a hoot!
Singapore Garryck's quick trip to the bike shop to begin testing a new full suspension bike design
Malaysia A pivotal country where Garryck is hospitalized and taken out of the tour for many months after a mean crash
Indonesia With Garryck laid out healing, Jamie takes on Indo solo in Java, Bali and Lombok

Fantastic Fiji! An amazing journey with many Fijians and other friends that will touch your heart!

New Zealand

A blissful 2 months in the summer of New Zealand with the wonderful Kiwi locals riding, surfing, kayaking and more!
Australia #1 Part one of a two part adventure takes us to Tasmania and Victoria's Great Ocean Road. An unforgettable journey!
Australia #2 Part two of the All Good in Oz takes us from Sydney to Brisbane with tons of biking, surf and great times! blank
Portugal Jamie takes his first dive into learning Portuguese to prepare for Africa & Brazil future travels.    
Vietnam We missed Vietnam due to SARS in 2003 so Garryck did a solo run with his Tangle Free. Awesome photos, journal to come blank
Stage 2, Part 1: South and East Africa

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Country Overview Journal Entry Photos Videos Travel and Culture

South Africa 1
Landing in Cape Town on Jamie's 34th Birthday, delivering 33 donated bikes to a township high school and adventuring our way to Durban... blank blank

An unforgettable country with huge 10,000+ foot passes, preserved Basotho culture and an amazing adventure with Maruti for 3 days... blank blank

Swaziland 1 of 2
The small yet exciting country of Swaziland is the perfect place to spend the Easter holidays with dozens of guest riders, great music and art, stunning wildlife. There will be two expeditions here--West and East...coming soon.. blank blank

1 of 2
The first of two amazing expeditions of this awesome country. We explore the Maputo province with guest rider Mohamed on our first filmed trip! blank  

Swaziland 2 of 2
I loved this amazing country so much I had to come back again with the film equipment to capture the magic. blank   blank

2 of 2
A return to Mozambique after the return to Swaziland :). I head north to the Inhambane province with plenty of interesting guest riders & adventures blank  

A wild adventure into a troubled nation, I tried to stay optimistic and look for the good in light of the current situation. I found the good, the bad and the ugly... blank  

The challenges of dishonesty and deceit continue but unforgettable life lessons hide themselves in difficult experiences. A real whopper of an adventure indeed! blank  

The "Warm Heart of Africa" lives up to its reputation. Malawi was bliss from the first day to the last, with great people, music, nature and friendships. A must read for a feel good session! blank  

Mamacita (my mom) makes a surprise visit to Kenya and we hit Western Kenya with riders from 16 to 60, male and female, musicians, sleeping and conscious.. the whole works! Check it! blank  

Rollin hills, rushing rivers, amazing people, live music in the park and a battle with the travelers burnout blues makes this one exciting country! blank  

The hills continue as I battle my fears of riding solo in a country with a pretty brutal recent history. Conquering the fear pays off as I meet amazing new friends and have unforgettable experiences blank    

Coming... blank  

Stage 2, Part 2: West Africa

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The "world's poorest country" was full of rich, humble, content people and experiences that I will not soon forget. blank    

From live music in Bamako to a 4 day mountain bike adventure in Dogon Country to the intoxicating Djenne, Mali was action packed...check it! blank    

Burkina Faso
Coming...Check blog for updates. Bit behind, sorry :) blank    

Re-entry back to life on the road to in Africa after 4 months in USA was not easy, but great times were found... blank    

Ups, downs and all arounds as I head back into the guts of W. Africa. Full spectrum of the human experiences ;) Journal coming soon...check pics now blank    

My first hit of the lung infection was in Benin so not much riding...just chillin with friends and trying to heal up blank    

I have a rough cut of photos online now, journal when I can get to it. Enjoy! blank    

I had a nasty lung infection so Gambia was mostly about healin up and hangin' with great people. Check it! Photos only now, rough cut. Enjoy! blank    

I had to take a miss on this magical country. Check the brief journal :( blank    

Western Sahara
Not much of a "country", a chuck o sand formerly occupied by Spain, now by Morocco...uh, drove in a fruit truck suffering from Pneumonia through it ;)        

Morocco was the end of my healing session from the nasty lung issues. No major riding, mostly relaxing, surfing and healing. Photos soon... blank    
Stage 2, Part 3: Europe

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Italy, home of many Bianchini's, great cycling, food, wine, people, nature and more! It was a lovely transition from Africa with many lessons, new friends and unforgettable experiences!


See blogs    

Switzerland was truly unforgettable. I had 6 amazing riders taking me 400km through some amazing terrain, home stays, great food, culture and lasting friendships! Dig it. blank    

A quick 2 day stay in this small but stunning country was mostly indoors due to nasty weather, but my host Trix and Swiss rider Roman made it unforgettable blank    

The rain started the second I crossed the border and I did not see the sun for most of the visit. But I managed to meet an amazing Austrian host and climbed deep into the chilly Alps. blank    

Reunited with a Slovenian guest rider Ursa from our 2002 China highland adventures led to tons of great new friends and unforgettable experiences blank    

Rollin into Croatia with 2 Slovenian riders, big love with Svemir who I met in 2002 in Nepal, reaching the nation via 2 national TV broadcasts, Island hopping with Butterfly n Svemir...Bliss blank    

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Wow wow wow! I fell in love with the country, or at least the amazing souls I was fortunate enough to encounter. There is something VERY special about this part of planet earth. A must read and put it on your travel plans! blank    

I had a mild meltdown personally for some reason, along with many bike issues, so this trip was a bit scattered as far as Peace Pedaling goes...but still unforgettable. blank    

I came back home to Hungary here! My family is from this amazing country with some of the friendliest people on earth, a rockin capital Budapest, wild foods, fun language and vibrant cycling community. I love Hungary! blank    

Actually, my family is from the "former hungary" and now Slovakia! I got to meet my Fabian family, a few new brothas n sistas, cycle some cool routes and I'll never forget Slovakia! blank    

Czech Republic & Exit Festival, Serbia
A stunning weekend in Prague with new and old friends, followed by a pull to the famous Exit Festival in Serbia, then a quick ride in N. Czech to Germany with Czech rider Irena :) blank    

Exploring S. Germany with Czech rider Irena followed by bliss in Berlin with German friends Tim and Sybille from Africa. A great series of riders from Berlin to Rostock to top it off. Nice! blank    

I'm the luckiest tourist in the world with 7 straight days of perfect sunny weather, great new friends, outdoor concert--true summer bliss blank    

Although the weather changed the good mojo continued in Sweden. From my lovely hosts in Malmo Lisa and Paula to 5 days of amazing experiences with my former Au Pair from 29 years ago--So Sweet Sweden blank    

A rocky start into the country leads up to an amazing connection with great people, music, nature and a reuniting with friends I met in Africa. blank    

Scotland rocks the house! Fell in love with the people, Glasgow, northern nature and shared it all with a new brother from another mother Mark. blank    

Northern Ireland
Belfast is a city like no other--waking up and rockin' out of the recent challenges with violence. The people, music, nature and history are worth a visit! blank    

Republic of Ireland
The luck of the Irish was flowing and the Peace Pedalers Rainbow in full affect with great riders, weather, waves and hospitality galore! Lovin it! blank    

I came to Wales for the friendly people, plethora of nature, great surf and culture and got so much more then I could have expected. blank    

England exceeded my expectations in unique ways I would never imagine. From meeting great new friends to maturing old friendships with the English folks it was ecstasy in England blank    

A far cry from the British culture hitting Holland was a shock, thrill and pleasure all mixed in one. The cycling, perfect weather and friendly people made it a country I'll never forget. blank    

Coming in hot and happy with a Dutch rider Karen into Brussels after a 100km sunny ride we continued to be blessed with a divine weekend. Add to this a 4-day cycling adventure with my Belgian Waffle Philippe and you have the ingredients for a wicked time! blank    

With a broken bike, beat up camera equipment and an exhausted body and spirit I decided to make Luxembourg a hibernation country and just relaxed--but we did manage to have some good times and meet a few cool souls :) blank    

France has it all...amazing nature, surf, food, wine, cool people, history, the Basque Country & more. Add to that visits from mom, our Nanny from Sweden & reconnecting with 2 great Frenchies and it was heavenly! blank    

Spain was full of surprises--the good, the bad and the ugly. But in the end it was just perfect, as it always does... blank    

The last country of my European tour was the icing on the cake with 2 amazing hosts, 3 riders, 5 days of surf and a visit from a good friend from Barcelona. I'll miss you Europe!! blank    

Stage 3, The Americas

Still and Video Cameras Courtesy of:

April 2009 to October 2010

Nov 2008-Feb 2009. Before heading off to Brazil and starting Stage 3 some great times were had with friends and family while raising money and awareness for Good Hope School. blank    

Brazil 1 of 2
Living in Brazil: I had a dream to live in Brazil to learn Portuguese and write my book proposal. It was an amazing 2.5 months experience I'll never forget! I learned the language & found an agent! blank  

Brazil 2 of 2
Riding Adventures in Brazil: I finally leave my "home", friends and life to start stage 3 of the expedition heading home. Excellent adventures in Florianopolis and Rio Grande do Sul. (see photos & blog) blank  

Stunning nature, great waves, friendly people, tasty steaks and plenty adventure. Enjoy the ride! (no journal, see blog) blank    

Ascending in Argentina. Colorful adventures in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Las Missiones. blank    

Paradise in Paraguay. One of the most amazing 17 days of my life. Go to Paraguay! For now, enjoy the ride! blank    

Blessings in Bolivia. Ups, downs and all over S. Bolivia with great adventure, music, food, people n projects. Enjoy! blank    

Chile 1
Grounded in Chile:  My bike frame cracked in Bolivia and I sent it to USA from Chile. Incredibly magical hospitality comes my way including 3 weeks of free Andes skiing!! blank
Photo 1
Photo 2


Chile 2
Atacama Adventures: On the road with Cristina in the stunning Atacama Altiplano   blank


An unforgettable 3 weeks where we explored the Cuzco region on an Inca Expedition and rode, surfed and sunned our way north to the border of Ecuador blank


We fell in love with this small yet diverse country. The people are incredible, the food, natural wonders, rich culture. Put Ecuador on your travel plans for sure! blank
See Journal

From the Salsa capital of the world in Cali, great new friends, connecting with the locals on a 500km adventure to Medellin, discovering Cristina is pregnant...exciting! blank    


Perfection in Panama, that's what it was. From landing in Panama City with mom, meeting John our host, finding epic live music, riding wit eh 3 amazing characters to arrive to perfect waves at Morro Negrito! blank    

Costa Rica
Ups and downs and all around was the theme of Costa Rica. Amazing highs of great riders and positive people mixed with lows of a robbery and equipment failures. In the end it was all good. :) blank    

I realized a dream to explore Ometepe Island but did not make it far due to mechanical issues. Luckily I met Pedro & Antonio who became my Ometepe family. Limited San Juan adventures but all good! blank    

El Salvador
I faced my fears of traveling in Central America's most violent country and I'm glad I did! I met the most soulful, sweet, open and caring folks. Don't believe the hype--it's a jewel. blank    

Guatemala was nothing like I envisioned. Foul weather, washed out roads and other signals led me on a ride that was the perfect close of my Latin adventures. blank    

On hold until future date. Ran out of time and had to get to Spain for the birth of Little Luca :) blank    

A simply perfect expedition of the lovely western BC region of Canada reuniting with 4 Canadian Peace Pedalers I met on 4 different continents. I LOVE Canada! blank    

Whew! What a long stranger trip it's been! Rolled off the ferry into Seatte and down to Oregon with perfect weather, tail winds n great people. Finished off with my new family--my son Luca n Partner Cris in from Spain to see me to the finish line in San Diego. Next adventure: fatherhood :) Time to share the adventures via TV/Film/Book blank    
Africa Return to Africa 2011: A 3-week adventure to reconnect with special friends in Uganda, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia. blank    


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