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  The Black Sheep Tangle
Meet the Black Sheep Tangle! Tangle is a unique design Garryck drew up and Black Sheep built for Peace Pedalers. "TAN" is for TANdem, and "GLE" is for SinGLE. TANGLE. Get it? We wanted a bike that could rip on the world's rowdiest trails AND still convert to a tandem bike so we could practice random acts of kindness by inviting strangers to join the journey. Poof! This is it :)

How the Tangles Work:

As you can see, in the single mode (red and green only), the rider will have the ability to ride without the extra bulk and weight of a tandem. But while touring we can add the yellow tubing and couplings and manipulate the cables with DaVinci cable splitters to create a tandem to pick up mystery or planned guest riders.

Single mode is set up like a normal mountain bike, suitable for one rider. Maybe you?
The custom frame tubing and couplings can be inserted into the single mode frame and shifiting and brake cables are exteneded using DaVinci cable splitters.
With the tubing and couplings in place, the bike is transformed to tandem mode for touring solo or with guest riders on/off road

A few photos of the Tangles James has built for us:

The Orignal Tangle, tandem mode, S. Africa
Same Bike, Single Mode, Indonesia
Model 2:The "Tangle Free" in single mode. Ridden part time by Garryck More>>
Model 2:The "Tangle Free" in tandem mode. 15 Inches of Combined Travel! More>

Model 3: And the new "Tangle Free", free-ride, 5 in front, 4 in back. Tested and bad ass, Swaziland, Africa

And, just because James at Black Sheep is such a stud, he made me a custom Titanium travel cross bike! Need a bike to come out riding? Email me and we'll chat about using this gem! Peace, Jamie

So what are you waiting for? Buy yourself a bike like this from Black Sheep! It's ultimate freedom to ride solo or with friends and family. The best of all worlds. Info? Contact James at Black Sheep Bikes at (970) 308-9187.

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