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Jamie Bianchini, Expedition Leader & Full-Time Peace Pedaler

Peace Pedalers is really an outward expression of my Soul's true essence. My philosophy in life is "Live Big, Give Big, Love Big". I live big by following my passion of world travel and staying healthy doing heaps of outdoor sports out in Mother Nature. I believe in a healthy balance of indulgence in our passions with contributions to society. Every day is an opportunity to make a difference in the world, so I try to foster an extremely loving and giving attitude that balances my hedonistic side. This intention to be of service has manifested to numerous grassroots projects that have been formed with people and organizations from around the world.

I try my best to simply accept everyone regardless of where they are from, what they've accomplished, what they believe in, or even how they act. Bottom line, I love human beings. They are by far my favorite species on Planet Earth. I enjoy learning from them and just observing the way people choose to experience this grand life. My heart tells me that people CAN get along in this world and live in peace. I will do whatever I can to move us closer to this vison.

On the professional side, I have spent the last 25 years as an entrepreneur and student in the game of life. I graduated from the Entrepreneur Program of USC and have been building professional, personal, and life skills around the world. I'm fluent in Spanish, good Portuguese and French, and can hack through Italian and German. I love the challenge of learning new languages and feel it shows respect when one makes an effort while traveling in foreign lands.



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