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Part Time Peace Pedaler Program

If you want to have a life experience you will NEVER forget, you have to try Peace Pedaling for yourself! The feeling of living daily in a state of trust, openness, giving, loving, sharing, health, simplicity, freedom, adventure, connected to nature--it's beyond words.

We now a few extra bikes available for you to come out and share your love for cycling, people, travel, sports and nature with total strangers.

1) Black Sheep Tangle Free : **Riding in tandem is for experienced riders only. If you are newer to cycling, it's best to put the bike into "single mode".


2) Black Sheep Cyclocross: This is a light bike that collapses with S&S couplers. It's my baby and is light and fast, better for shorter tours.


If you want to go do some riding contact Jamie and we'll get you set up. Everything you need is included--bike, panniers, tools, tent, tools, pump, guest helmet and more. So what are you waiting for! Go for it! Email us for info

Or, if you want to come on the tandem with Jamie for a few days, just email me and we'll meet up for some fun.

Our sponsor Black Sheep Bikes is building a cyclocross bike as well. We hope they will be built soon.


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