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Stage 2: Africa and Europe, 48 Countries. Completed

Africa: February 2006 to April 2008, 22 Countries
Europe: April 2008 to November 2008, 26 Countries. Jump to Europe Page

After a long break we are finally announcing Stage Two: Africa and Europe! This is going to be a truly awesome stage with some new twists and turns in our touring style and traveling through about 48 amazing countries. It's by far the longest and most exciting stage!  It's time to really start getting in shape for this experience. This leg of the tour will be nothing short of amazing.

Below is a map of the first continent of Stage Two, Africa. We'll be making our way from Cape Town, South Africa to Tangier, Morocco through 22 countries. Skip to Europe here


(click map for larger view)

Below is the latest itinerary and is subject, and very likely, to change:

Southern Africa 1 , Completed February-April 2006 (3 countries)
South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland

Sponsorship and Filming Setup with Panasonic: May-November 2006

Southern Africa 2, October 2006-April 2007: (4 countries)
Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi: Completed

Eastern African Loop to Zanzibar: (4 countries)
Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda: Completed

May 3-May 18: Kenya
May 19-June 4: Uganda
June 5-June 19: Rwanda
June 20-23-Tanzania 1, Mainland
June 24-June 27: Short Ride on Zanzibar Island
June 27-July 9: Zanzibar ZIFF Music-Film Festival and more Cultural Rides

Central West African Loop (6 Countries), August 9, 2007 to March 5, 2008

A flight over the Congo and Nigeria via France courtesy of Royal Air Moroc:

Benin: August 8-August 22 (preparation, French language stop. No touring)
Niger: August 22-September 4
Mali: September 5-19
Burkina Faso: September 19-October 1
October 2: Fly home for holidays from Accra, Ghana. Special thanks to North American Airlines

October 2-January 20: Personal Break, TV Series Preparation and Sponsorship Campaign

Ivory Coast Surf-Ride Expedition Ghana to Benin

January 21 to February 25th, 2008 (3 Countries):

Ghana: January 28-Feb 12
Togo: Feb 13-20
Benin: Feb 21-March 4
March 5: Fly from Cotonou, Benin to Dakar, Senegal. Special thanks to Air Senegal

West African Finale
March 5-April 15th, 2008 from Senegal to Morocco (5 Countries)

March 5-12: Senegal
March 13-20: The Gambia
March 21-22: Transport to Nouakchott, Mauritania
March 23-28: Mauritania
March 29-April 3: Western Sahara
April 4-April 15: Morocco
April 15th: Ferry to Spain!!!

40 Countries of Peace Pedaling Complete ;)


Note: The red line is not the actual route, just a general direction. Blue lines are ferries

click here or map for larger view

East and West Europe: 26 Countries
May 1-November 13, 2008

Below is an estimate of the dates we'll be in each country. We wanted to post them in advance to get folks out riding with me. They are likely to change a bit, but hopefully not too much.

1 Italy: May 1-8 2008
2. Switzerland: May 9-15
3. Lichtenstein: 16-17
4. Austria: May 18-23
5. Slovenia: May 24-May 30
6. Croatia: May 31-June 6
7. Bosnia: June 7-12
8. Serbia: June 13-19
9. Hungary: June 20-27
10. Slovakia: June 27-July 4
11. Czech Republic Intro: July 4-July7

Break from Peace Pedaling for Music Festival: Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia: July 8-14

11. N. Czech Republic Ride: July 16-18
12. Germany: July 19-25
13. Denmark: July 25-August 1
14. Sweden: August 1-9
15. Norway: August 9-15
16. Scotland: August 15-23
17. Ireland: August 23-30
18. Wales: August 30-September 5
19. England: September 6-13
20. Holland: September 13-20
21. Belgium: September 20-October 26
22. Luxembourg: September 27-October 3
23. France: October 4-16
24. Spain: October 17-November 1
25. Portugal: November 1-13


Possible trip back to Morocco and Mauritania or fly home for holidays

December 27: Fly to Brazil

January-February: Living in Brazil until just after Carnival and begin Stage 3: South, Central and North America (in progress...)

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