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On our last 600 miles we want to invite YOU to come experience the joys and adventures of cycling the open road with new and mysterious friends! Over the last 8 years we've received so much hospitality around the world from so many lovely families. I'll be forever grateful for these experiences.

So since I'll be doing this last leg with my family (2 month old son Luca, parenting partner Cristina and mother Mamacita) we decided to extend the same hospitality back to the world and invite anyone who wants to join the adventure to pedal along, camp, eat, party, chill and connect.

This is NOT a race. It's NOT a organized bike tour. And there's NOT a charge to ride with us.

It's a fun, funky & serendipitous adventure to connect with the lovely state of California & its residents. It's your chance to put your passion for peace into motion, one pedal stroke at a time. This is an inaugural ride that we may become an annual ride if it goes well so come explore with us :)


The ride is broken down into six stages of 2-3 days of riding each. So pick your adventure, whether just a few miles of a days ride to several week.Contact us to join the fun! Click below for a view of ride:

See Full Detail of Ride Elevations & More


Jamie, Mamacita, Cristina, our baby boy Luca (doing his first adventure at 2.5 months old) & a perfectly random mix of soulful folks from around the world are inviting YOU to come on out and ride--from a few hours to a few weeks.

Mamacita will be driving our Mobile Base Camp, a bio diesel burnin' truck with a camper to house surfboards, extra bikes, Baby Luca, Cristina and gear. There is a possibility of putting some gear in the Base Camp if you help pay for fuel and make a donation to one of our charities.

Click here to see the current list of riders.

Click here for to sign up and let us know you'll be coming out for a spin.

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Music brings people together. It has a magical way of bridging perceived barriers. So we're making it a part of these final events. We're inviting progressive musicians to come pedal along on each stage, play at events and let the power of music shine. Or we'll all just go look for music on party nights.

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We'll need a few of them and we hope you'll consider getting involved by contacting us.

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Our main sponsors for the Peace Ride and San Diego Peace Day are:

Panasonic, Ortlieb, Assos, Black Sheep Bikes and Sierra Designs. More to come!

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